At an early age, Jim Morouse dreamed of writing the inside covers of novels.  He saw this art form as drawing a potential reader into the book’s “big ideas” and triggering readers to actually "buy the book".

It was years later (after graduate school at The Wharton School) that his dream came true.  Jim worked on world-class brands like Bounce fabric softener, Crest toothpaste, Salon Selectives and Degree deodorant.  His interest in uncovering customer insights led him to work/live in the USA, Europe and Asia working primarily on new product launches.


This understanding of the power of brands led him to be the first “brand manager” on the Internet, launching world-class brands like,, and many others onto the world-wide web.

As Managing Director of The Satori Group, Jim builds working teams to apply consumer product marketing ideas to all kinds of new products (both for profit and not for profit). 

As you write the book of your big idea, you can trust The Satori Group to help define the customer insights that will grab their attention and get them to “buy the book”.